A long established Law firm on the Costa del Sol

Pérez de Vargas Abogados was founded in 1.973 to meet the legal support and representation associated with the economic boom of the 1970s on the Costa del Sol. More than 30 years later we have become a leading Firm, backed by legal experts in two offices (Marbella and Estepona) as well as by an international network of lawyers that spans over 30 countries through ADVOC.

The services rendered by Pérez de Vargas Abogados are devised to provide legal advice in civil, commercial, urban planning, public law, taxation affairs, as well as general representation in court litigation, to both residents and non-residents, offering them global advice and assistance.

Our Firm is member of an international network of independent lawyers (ADVOC). In today's globalised society, it is quite common for legal aid and business services to have an international scope. Pérez de Vargas is backed by an extensive global network of contacts and clients, providing us with the capacity to respond to your needs in just about any place in the World.

Pérez de Vargas is a founding member of ADVOC (1990), which brings together prestigious and highly professional law firms. The organization was created as a platform to enable member firms to share their experiences and special knowledge, to help act on behalf of clients in foreign countries and to serve as an international contact network.

Taylor-made legal solutions

We strive to be known for our highly personalized customer attention. Our work is based in creating close bonds with our clients which leads to more satisfactory solutions in all affairs we are entrusted with. Each client is catered to by the Firm's senior partners, who coordinate the work and either study the case themselves or assign a specialist in the specific area to come up with the optimal solution.

The staff of our two offices operate in coordination to provide global services to clients. Due to its flexible structure and the close-knit working relationship between our legal teams, our offices can provide highly personalized and effective services to meet our client's needs at any level.

The Firm has a broad client-base ranging from banks, developers, building companies, real estate agencies, and individual clients or private parties.

Our offices are staffed with highly trained professionals who keep their skills polished with ongoing education, training courses and specialized seminars. All our members speak at least two languages.

Our Areas of Practice are: Civil and Commercial

General legal advice in civil or commercial contracts; drawing up of contracts, wills; incorporation of companies as well as all types of commercial actions, including mergers, split-offs and others; handling all taxation matters associated with such activities. Advice in all types of real estate transactions: buying and selling, capital contributions, exchanges, building contracts and all types of actions in the real estate area. Comprehensive advice on foreign investments to both private parties and developers, analyzing all possible requirements with regard to civil, commercial, tax and urban development matters.

Administrative and Urban Planning

Mediation in a broad range of issues, urban planning instruments and procedures.

Procedural Law

Mediation in all kinds of litigation in civil and administrative procedures, at any court of law including the Supreme Court. For this purpose our law firm is backed by barristers and solicitors throughout the Costa del Sol region who can represent our clients before any court.

Fiscal advice

Tax advice associated with prospective investments; preparation and filing of Income and Wealth Taxes of non-residents; filing of Lawsuits and Appeals, both contentious and administrative. The firm works in cooperation with a highly skilled tax advisor and accounting team, enabling us to provide first-line consulting in this area.